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What is PayPal Payouts

With PayPal Payouts you can make mass payments to your affiliates either automatically on any given date or manually with 1 click.

To use PayPal Payouts, you will need
1. PayPal Client ID and
2. PayPal Client Secret.

To get these credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Go to PayPal developers’ website:
  2. Click on Login to dashboard button and login with your existing PayPal credentials.
  3. Go to ‘REST API apps’ section.
  4. Create an app.
  5. You will get the credentials which you need for PayPal Payouts.

That simple.

Once you have these credentials, paste them in the PayPal Payouts section of Affilo by going to Integrations -> PayPal.

Once you enter the credentials, change the status to active and click save.

Now, if you want to pay to your affiliates automatically on any given day of the month, go to Account & Settings and from commission payment schedule drop down, select your payment schedule and the payment day and then click on save button.

Now automatically the commissions will be paid to all of your affiliates who have entered their PayPal ID in their payment settings.

Also, please note that PayPal Payouts will work only if your store’s currency and your PayPal account’s currency is same. Otherwise payments won’t be sent via PayPal Payouts.

Besides automatic mass payments, you can use PayPal Payouts also to make mass payments manually whenever you want. With 1 click, you can make commission payments to all the affiliates who have PayPal enabled in their settings.

To make mass payments manually, click on ‘Commission Payments’ from sidebar menu and click on ‘Pay to all with 1 click’ button.