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How to setup commission rules

To set commission rules, click on ‘Commission Rules’ from the sidebar menu and then click on ‘Add new’ button.

You will then see a page which looks like this:

Give your offer a name. This is for your own reference only. This title will help you identify this offer later on. So be sure to give it a meaningful name. E.g. For YouTube Influencers.

Details of different settings on this page:

1. Commission Type:
You’ll see 4 types of commission in the drop down.

  1. Percent of sale: Use this type of an offer if you want to pay commissions on percentage basis. Such as 10% on sales.
  2. Flat rate per order: Useful if you want to pay a fixed amount of commission to your affiliates for each order regardless of the order value or total. An example would be: 5$ for each customer referred.
  3. Flat rate per each product sold: Useful if you want to pay a fixed amount of commission for each product sold. For example, 5$ per product sold. So, for instance, if your customer has added 3 items in the cart and checked out, the commission for you affiliate in this case will be 15$ (5$ x 3 products) regardless of the order total or products’ prices.
  4.  Tiered:Useful if you want to pay commissions to your affiliates on performance basis. For example, for orders between 1-10, X amount of commission, for orders between 11-20, Y amount of commission and so on.

2. Commission holding period:
This is the period during which the commission cannot be withdrawn by your affiliates. E.g. If you set the holding period to be 3 days and you got an order through an affiliate on 5th of August, the commission in this case will be available to withdraw on 9th of August. During the holding period, the commission amount will appear as an upcoming commission rather than payable commission.

3. Cookie days:
The time period during which the click window remains open. E.g. If a visitor came on your website through an affiliate link today, but buys the product after 3 days, the question is, should your affiliate get a commission for this order or not? Cookie days solve this problem. So, for example, if you set cookie days as 30 days, then anytime during these 30 days, a visitor who came to your website for the first time through an affiliate link, buys your product, your affiliate will get a commission.

4. Terms & Conditions:
If you have already added terms & conditions in Account & Settings -> Program Policies, you can reuse these terms & conditions for your commission rules. Alternatively, you can create new terms and conditions for your commission rules. If you want, you can also create different terms and conditions for each commission rule.

If you are happy with your offer, you can click on ‘Create Offer’ button. If you want to set commission calculation logic or decide if the commission will be paid to your affiliate on recurring basis, please click on Advanced options, and you can select any option you want and then click on ‘Create Offer’ button.