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What are commission rules (also known as Offers)

Commission rules are the core of any affiliate program. These rules define how much commission your affiliates will get. Commission rules are also known as offers by some other affiliate programs. In Affilo, you can set up as many commission rules as you want. For example, X amount of commissions . . . Read more

How to setup commission rules

To set commission rules, click on ‘Commission Rules’ from the sidebar menu and then click on ‘Add new’ button. You will then see a page which looks like this: Give your offer a name. This is for your own reference only. This title will help you identify this offer later . . . Read more

Commission calculation logic

Commission calculation logic simply means on which amount of the order you want to pay commission to your affiliates. You can also decide if you want to pay commission on total order value or total order value excluding shipping and taxes or including them or excluding and including any of . . . Read more