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All about Email Templates

In Affilo, emails are sent to your affiliates on different events, such as when they signup to your program, when you send them commission payments etc.

To edit any of the preconfigured email templates, click on ‘Email Templates’ from sidebar menu and then click on edit icon.

You can change the content to what you prefer but do not translate or change the text inside these brackets {}. These are dynamic tags and should be left the way they are. If you want to add more dynamic tags to your emails, click on ‘Dynamic tags’. Choose any tag from the available list of tags.

You can also use your custom HTML in these email templates, but be sure to add dynamic tags in your HTML otherwise the content may not make sense to your affiliates.

If you do not want to send any particular email, simply deactivate it. Option to deactivate the sending of any email template is located at the bottom of the email template page. However, It is not recommended to deactivate any email template. Because it may disturb the normal functioning of your affiliate program or may result in bad user experience for your affiliates.