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All about discount codes.

In Affilo, you can assign your Shopify discount codes to any affiliate of your choice for tracking purposes.

In the app, you can view all your Shopify discount codes by clicking on ‘Discount codes’ in sidebar menu. You can also assign any coupon code to any affiliate from affiliate the dropdown list.

One discount code can be assigned to one affiliate only. Otherwise the tracking data could get mixed up and would be difficult to know which affiliate brought the sale.

All discount codes must be created in Shopify first. To create a discount code in Shopify, click on ‘Discounts’ from left sidebar and then click on the ‘Create discount’ button.

For the discount codes to appear in Affilo, it is important that you again connect to the app after creating new codes. With this new connection, Affilo will be able to fetch newly created Shopify discount codes.